Feb 20, 2024

Carioca Engenharia completes its 77th anniversary with many reasons to celebrate. This Monday (February 19th), we celebrated our anniversary with a major milestone: getting NBR ISO 37001:2017 Anti-Bribery Management System certification. This certification was audited and recommended by QMS Certification, and it proves that the company’s internal actions and processes fully comply with the highest international standards on ethics and transparency, which attests to our credibility and responsibility, of nearly eight decades, in the construction industry.

“Receiving this certification is very important to us. It is not just a seal; it is the result of daily work that included everyone’s engagement, our focus on achieving our goals and a reflection of our commitment to promoting an ethical, transparent, safe and sustainable business environment. We are very proud to be able to bear this seal, which is borne by a very small group of companies, and we are confident that this will strengthen our relationship with our stakeholders and will open the doors to new business opportunities and market connections,” managing director Daniel Rizzotti celebrated.

Carioca promotes several initiatives to adopt the best practices for preventing, detecting, addressing and correcting unethical conduct. These initiatives include continuous staff training; reviewing and improving our Code of Conduct and Antibribery, Compliance and Antitrust Management System, to promote the company’s values, mission and principles, and encourage an ethical business conduct; maintaining the autonomy and independence of the Compliance team, responsible for disseminating a compliance culture across the organization, reviewing policies and standards; maintaining an Ethics Committee responsible for conducting investigations, analyzing potential violations, and recommending courses of action; and an Ethics Channel managed by an outsourced company which is accessible by telephone, a specific website for complaints and ballot boxes available at offices and worksites, where anonymous complaints can be reported.

“Our Compliance Program, called Antibribery, Compliance and Antitrust Management System or SGACC, has existed for 10 years and we should remember that its creation was the first big step that we took to get us here. We have always been concerned about ethics and transparency in our activities, and achieving ISO 37001 certification tops off this decade-long work, ratifying our ongoing commitment to ethical and transparent practices. The certification process was very intense and success is a direct consequence of the participation, engagement and dedication of all our employees,” said Carioca’s Compliance Officer Rosi Silva.

In addition to the measures implemented, Carioca also participates in external activities to combat corruption. It is a signatory to Instituto Ethos Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption. Instituto Ethos. It is one of the founders of the Movement for the Integrity of the Engineering and Construction Industry (MISEC), supported by the UN Global Compact Brazil Network, and Instituto Ethos. In 2022, Carioca joined the Brazilian Institute of Self-Regulation in Infrastructure (IBRIC), which promotes self-regulation of member companies on topics covering ethics, transparency, integrity, sustainability and corporate governance, helping this industry to get stronger.

“Compliance is a key topic for us. We have a robust program that is constantly perfected, and there is a great internal commitment to ensuring that our employees, from senior management to those working on construction sites, may walk the talk. The certification came to strengthen the work of many years, and to reinforce, with all market players, the path we are taking,” added director of Management Support Fabio Meirelles.


This certification can help to promote company growth and development

In addition to strengthening Carioca’s market reputation, the certification also brings very positive impacts on its employees, enhancing the culture of integrity within the organization and, therefore, offering a work environment that values conformity and honesty and that promotes a sense of pride and ownership.

“ISO 37001 will also provide us with more competitiveness, opening the doors to new business opportunities and partnerships, especially in a market that values companies committed to anti-bribery practices. By complying with strict international standards, the certification gives us an advantage in bidding and procurement processes that often require evidence of ethical practices and anti-bribery management systems. And this encourages the growth of our company,” said Engineering director Gustavo Maschietto.

“Throughout the process, we saw the result of work that included a complex evaluation of documents, interviews, visits to construction sites, and the big surprise we had was seeing that our employees, regardless of their positions, were aware of compliance, the reporting channels and the rules. We see here an institution that wants to get things done, and is doing things differently, and making a new story,” said QMS Certification auditor Natascha Cima.


Other certifications

In addition to ISO 37001:2017, Carioca was the first company in the heavy construction industry to have a quality assurance system certified by NBR ISO 9002, back in 1996. It also implemented an Integrated Management System on QHSE (Quality, Occupational Safety, Environment and Occupational Health) by having processes based on the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 requirements.