Urban Development

Urban development interventions significantly improve the lives of residents.

Throughout our history, we have conducted some important urban development projects, which improved access, security, health and development in these regions.

Rio das Ostras Urban Development | RJ

Urban reorganization of the city of Rio das Ostras, with the duplication of five kilometers of the Amaral Peixoto Highway, including paving, drainage, lighting, road signs and landscaping. The highlight of project is the cable-stayed bridge designed by architect João Pedro Backheuser, which has become an icon of Rio das Ostras. This 36-meter-high bridge has two masts with a variable section on all sides, and 42 kilometers of wire ropes support a metal and concrete structure weighing around 240 tons.

Redevelopment of Rocinha | RJ

Urban reorganization project in a community located in the south of Rio de Janeiro, which is home to approximately 120,000 people. The project included widening and interconnecting streets, laying water and sewage pipelines, street lighting, a day care center, a health center, a community center, renovating 5,000 homes and building 356 housing units.

SEHAB Paraisópolis | SP

This project was under the program for the urban development of impoverished communities, coordinated by the SEHAB housing department. The project included extensive urban development works in the south of São Paulo, benefiting 4,000 households by laying out gardens, parks, lighting systems, sewage pipelines, potable water pipelines, canalizing streams and building housing units.

Rio Orla | RJ

Urban development of Barra da Tijuca beach, in the west of Rio, including street paving, sidewalks, a bike path and landscaping, with special emphasis on preserving vegetation in the local sandbank.