Sanitation projects are among those that have the greatest impact on improving the quality of life of the populations.

The Brazilian government has been progressively investing in sanitation in the main metropolitan regions of the country, so we have participated in many projects, which include marine outfalls, recovering and channeling of riverbeds, sewage treatment plants and implementation of water supply, treatment and distribution.

Várzeas do Tietê | SP


Semi-integrated contract for detailed engineering design and construction of the Várzeas do Tietê sewage system, in eastern Tietê river basins (TL-15, TL-17, TL-19, TL-21, TL-23 and TL-25), which is part of stage IV of the Tietê Project. In eastern São Paulo, from the district of Itaquera, through the cities of Ferraz de Vasconcelos and Itaquaquecetuba,
we will build a pumping station and will lay 22.6 km of sewer pipes, trunk sewers and interconnections, with diameters ranging from 200mm to 1500mm in different construction methods, approximately 13km in a non-destructive method and 9km in an open pit.

Rio das Ostras Water Pipeline | RJ


Engineering work and hydraulic assemblies for the construction of AAT-NORTE Treated Water Pipeline with accessory devices and crossings to be laid in the city of Rio das Ostras.

The pipeline will be 12-km-long and will run through Estrada do Contorno for greater water flow and pressure on both sides of the city. The project will benefit more than 159,000 citizens, who had water shortage issues. About 360 cast iron pipes of 500 mm in diameter will be used in the new pipeline, and in a 12,000-meter-long potable water network.

Tietê River channel | SP

Enlarging and deepening the Tietê River channel, building structures for outflows and tributaries, and retaining the banks of the most traditional watercourse in the state of São Paulo, over 6.4 kilometers, for the purpose of increasing flow capacity from 710m3/s to 1,434m3/s.

Baixada Rivers | RJ

Structural interventions for flood control, urban development and environmental recovery of the Iguaçu, Botas and Sarapuí river basins, in Baixada Fluminense.

Praia Grande Marine Outfall | SP

Environmental recovery of the Baixada Santista metropolitan region, with the construction of a new interceptor along Avenida Glicério, in Santos, with a length of 2,300 meters, and expansion of the final section of the marine outfall by 400 meters. The marine outfall of Praia Grande, in the city of São Vicente, with a total length of 4,000 meters and other complementary facilities, increased the sewage collection rate from 49% to 77%.

Nova Baixada – Orquídea Sewage Treatment Plant | RJ

Integrated urban development project with basic sanitation in Belford Roxo, Baixada Fluminense. In addition to urban infrastructure projects, two squares, two day care centers, two health centers and a Community Center for Citizen Empowerment, the sewage treatment plant ETE Orquídea and the two pumping stations Heliópolis and Final were built. The Orquídea Sewage Treatment Plant is the largest in Baixada Fluminense and was designed to treat sewage from districts of Belford Roxo and from other cities in the Baixada area.