Founded in 1947 under the name of Empresa Carioca de Engenharia,

we started activities in urban development projects in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. At the end of the 1950s, in addition to continuing the paving work in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, the company pushed back the frontiers of construction and engaged in the urban development of Praia do Pinto, an impoverished community that existed between the districts of Leblon and Lagoa, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.


In 1966, a Carioca Engenharia expanded its business,

won new clients and started to work on constructions with a different profile, such as rockfilling and levelling the Rio-Niterói Bridge toll plaza and modernizing the Ore and Coal Plant of Companhia das Docas do Rio de Janeiro.


The 1970s represented a milestone for the company,

marking the beginning of its operations outside Rio de Janeiro, where it paved the BR367 Highway – Porto Seguro Cabrália — and diversified its construction portfolio, especially with the Irrigation of Maniçoba (BA) and the facilities of the International Racetrack of Rio de Janeiro.


In 1984, a Carioca Engenharia took the leading

role in the manufacture of precast concrete parts and began construction of 140 Integrated Public Education Centers (acronym in Portuguese: CIEPs) in the state of Rio, a construction model that was later replicated in other regions of the country.

In 1988, the company went through a significant new moment in its history: the acquisition of Christiani-Nielsen Engenheiros e Construtores, adding to its portfolio hundreds of projects by the Danish construction company in Brazil, and particularly its expertise in maritime construction. At the end of the 1980s, the company went into the real estate development business and undertook projects that stood out for their quality and prime location.


With the new setup, Carioca Engenharia experienced a growth boom in the 1990s and stood at the forefront of large undertakings

such as the construction of the first and second stages of the Linha Vermelha Expressway (RJ) and the Replan-Brasília Multiproduct Pipeline for Petrobras, starting operations in the segment of pipelines carrying petroleum products. In 1996, we were pioneers in obtaining the first ISO 9002 certification granted to a public building — the Bangu III Correctional Facility, in Rio de Janeiro. From then on, the work gained scope with the extension of certification to other areas of activity, allowing the company to achieve new certifications.


With nearly 60 years of existence, in 2003 Carioca Engenharia received important recognition—

it was elected one of the three most desired companies to work for in Brazil’s construction industry. Two years later, in 2005, the magazine “Exame Maiores e Melhores” awarded us as the best-performing construction company. The end of the 2000s was also marked by a major challenge: construction of the Urucu-Coari-Manaus Gas Pipeline (in the state of Amazonas), a highly important and technically complex project in the middle of the Amazon Forest. This period is also marked by an increasing number of heavy construction projects in the company's portfolio.


In the 2010s, Carioca Engenharia further establishes itself as one of Brazil’s

top construction companies and starts one of the most significant projects carried out in the past few years in Rio de Janeiro: refurbishing and operating the Port of Rio region, a project undertaken by Concessionária Porto Novo, resulting from a public-private partnership.

In the same period, the company stood out for its expertise in complex large-scale projects. We participated in several major infrastructure construction projects, including Transcarioca (RJ), Arco Metropolitano (RJ), Subway Line 4—Zona Sul and Barra (RJ), expansion of Subway Lilac Line 5 (SP), LNG Terminal (BA and RJ), Transposition of the São Francisco River (PE), Bio-Manguinhos (RJ), and others.


The history of Carioca Engenharia is marked by the relentless pursuit of excellence,

ability to adjust to changes and commitment to sustainable development. We continue to play a relevant role in civil construction in Brazil, demonstrating solidity, growth and winning significant contracts, which include the Guaratuba Bridge (PR), expansion of the Port of Rio (RJ), Várzeas do Tietê (SP) and the Mananciais Program (SP).


Throughout its business history, Carioca Engenharia has achieved recognition from its clients, suppliers, partners, the media and professional associations.

This recognition is also expressed in the honors and awards that the company received in recent years, which attest to the credibility and respect that we enjoy in the construction industry and in the market in general.

Company of the year in the Construction and Engineering industry Valor 1000 Magazine, 2016
4th place Construction Industry – Exame Melhores & Maiores Magazine, 2016
6th place Construction and Engineering industry Valor 1000 Magazine, 2015
6th place Ranking of the 25 leading construction companies in Brazil O Empreiteiro Magazine, 2016
9th place

General ranking of Brazilian construction companies

O Empreiteiro Magazine, 2015

1st place

Current Liquidity of the Construction Industry

Exame Melhores & Maiores, 2015

1st place

Vitae Rio 2015 Award – Silver Category awarded by Seconci Rio for effective,

preventive and proactive management of occupational health and safety at the Fábrica de Escolas do Amanhã project

11th place

Ranking of Brazil’s 25 Leading Construction Companies

O Empreiteiro Magazine, 2014

2nd place

Growth and Current Liquidity

Exame Melhores & Maiores Magazine, 2014

2nd place

Current Liquidity

Valor 1000 Magazine, 2014

2nd place

Construction Industry

Exame Melhores & Maiores Magazine, 2013

16th place

Ranking of Brazil’s 25 Leading Construction Companies

O Empreiteiro Magazine, 2013

1st place

Current Liquidity

Valor 1000 Magazine, 2013

20th place

Ranking of the 25 Leading Construction Companies

O Empreiteiro Magazine, 2012

2012 Sport-friendly Business Award

Sports Incentive Law of the Ministry of Sports

Social Responsibility and Merit Award for Participating in the 2010 Ranking of Brazilian Engineering

by O Empreiteiro Magazine

3rd place

Current Liquidity, 16th place among the 20 Leading Current Liquidity Ratios and 292nd place among the Largest Companies

in the Valor 1000 Magazine ranking of 2010

2nd place

Financial Sustainability, 4th place in Human Resources and 5th place among The Best in Engineering Construction and Real Estate in the 2009

ranking of Dinheiro Magazine

2nd place

Growth, 3rd place in Current Liquidity, 4th place among The Best Construction Industries and 5th place in Profitability

in the 2009 ranking of Dinheiro Magazine

Social Responsibility and Merit Award for Participating in the 2010 Ranking of Brazilian Engineering,

by O Empreiteiro Magazine

Recognition Awards for 20 Million Hours of Work without Incidents;

Community Partner Company and Participation and Provision of Construction Services, in 2008, in Unit 2 of the Alumar Refinery

Best Performance at the 21st Olympic Games of the ALREF U2/Alumar Project Contractors

in April 2008

7th place

Ranking of the Companies whose Sales have Grown the Most, and 360th place in the ranking of the 500 Largest Corporations

in Brazil for the 2008 Conjuntura Econômica Magazine

Safety Performance Award – 5 Million Hours of Work without Lost-Time Incidents at Alcoa/Alumar

in March 2007

National Highlight in Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Award from the Environmental Institute BIOSFERA and the Brazilian Institute of Specialized Studies

IBRAE, in 2007

1st place

Ranking of the Best Construction Companies, 2nd place in Current Liquidity, 2nd place in Profitability and 3rd place in Employee-Generated Wealth

Exame magazine, 2005

One of the three most desired construction companies to work for,

Forbes Brasil Magazine, 2003