Building Works

Our experience in this segment can be attested to not only by the thousands of square meters erected over the years, but also by the level of technical complexity required in many construction projects.

Schools, industrial and sports facilities, public and residential buildings, pavilions with space frame structures, and correctional facilities are included in our curriculum in the oldest branch of civil engineering.

Architecturally bold construction projects that require serial production of structural elements, such as precast concrete structures, and innovative constructive methodologies find in our technical staff the best solutions to optimize the resources available and guarantee safe, high-quality developments.

Fábrica de
Escolas do Amanhã | RJ

Construction of 18 public nursery schools and 22 public elementary schools in the west of Rio de Janeiro. Precast concrete structures and thermoacoustic steel partitions are used in this project.

Museu do Amanhã | RJ

Architectural design by Santiago Calatrava: a 15,000-square-meter building that houses a museum and a 400-seat theater, surrounded by reflecting pools, gardens, a bike path and entertainment area on a 34,600-square-meter area. With innovative architectural and engineering solutions rarely used in conventional construction, the museum was designed to be fully sustainable and followed the specifications to get LEED certification from the Green Building Council. Roof-mounted mobile photovoltaic cells move automatically according to the movement of the sun to catch the sunlight and make the most of natural daylight. The museum is supplied with water from the Guanabara Bay for two different purposes: supplying the reflecting pools and the air-conditioning.

Fundação Getúlio Vargas | RJ

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the new Fundação Getúlio Vargas university building was erected on Praia de Botafogo. The building has two underground garage floors, taking the whole 8,000-square-meter block, a ground floor and a 20-story business tower. A communal floor has a restaurant, a convention center, a cultural center with a library and a seminar room.

Cidade das Artes | RJ

With a high level of technical complexity in its structure and 22,000 square meters, the cultural center Cidade das Artes in Barra da Tijuca, to the west of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the world’s largest symphony halls. Slabs on levels 10 and 32, few structural supports and a rare architectural boldness characterize this monumental design by the award-winning French architect Christian de Portzamparc.

Hospital Municipal

Evandro Freire | RJ

Construction works in this 12,000-square-meter hospital in Ilha do Governador, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, involved the overall understructure and erections, interior and exterior wall tiling, electric wiring, plumbing and mechanical installations, window and door frames, waterproofing, painting, lining and other finishes, special installations with a fine finish, in tune with the regulations currently applicable to the medical industry, in addition to landscaping, outdoor planning and paving.

Cidade da Polícia | RJ

Construction of a 76,000-square-meter complex to integrate multiple special police units in Jacarezinho, north of Rio. The works included fabricating and laying concrete and steel structures, wall tiling, ceiling lining and flooring, plumbing, wiring, sanitary and mechanical facilities, generators, elevators, light fixtures and air conditioning.

Centros Educacionais Unificados – CEU | SP

Construction of five major educational centers in the outskirts of São Paulo. The CEUs are 12,000-square-meter facilities with capacity for 2,600 children. The biggest challenges of this task were the tight deadlines and the densely-populated areas.

Petrobras’ New Research Center

New 145,000-m2 facilities were added to the existing Research Center. The building was erected according to strict eco-efficiency and sustainability standards. Construction was based on modular steel structures pre-designed to avoid cutting off and wasting excess material.

Centros Integrados de
Educação Pública – CIEP | RJ

Construction of 140 CIEP facilities for the state government of Rio de Janeiro in the '80s and '90s. Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, the units were 5,400-m² large on average. To deliver the buildings by the deadline, we set up a precast plant and complex logistics arrangement. This successful project included the supply of precast parts to contractors that built other CIEP units and leveraged Carioca Engenharia's position in Brazil’s construction industry.

Riocentro | RJ

Construction of two pavilions totaling 38,000 square meters in Riocentro. The construction highlight in this project is the metal space structure.

Shopping Barra Point | RJ

The Barra Point Mall resulted from a high-quality construction project. It was the first construction of its kind to get NBR ISO 9002 certification for the quality of the work.