Carioca Engenharia recognizes the importance of taking sustainable actions in its operations.

It works according to the legal requirements and ensures high-quality work aligned with the best market practices and economic efficiency.

We incorporate sustainability principles into our projects and processes in order to minimize environmental impacts and promote sustainable social and economic development as much as possible, making strategic business decisions based on the following principles:

1. Economic

  1. Continuous sustainable improvement of processes;
  2. Innovative solutions;
  3. Transparency of information.

2. Environmeta

  1. Management of impacts;
  2. Optimization of resources;
  3. Improvement of environmental performance;
  4. Sustainable use of natural resources;
  5. Minimization of process losses;
  6. Waste control and disposal;

3. Social

  1. Prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses;
  2. Hazard management risk analysis;
  3. Inclusion and diversity in our teams;
  4. Continuous improvement of health & safety performance;
  5. Legal compliance, ethics and transparency;
  6. Human and social well-being of communities;
  7. Support to community projects;
  8. Combating corruption, child labor, workplace and sexual harassment, and forced or compulsory labor;
  9. Respect for diversity, and prevention of all forms of discrimination.