Apr 10, 2024

Carioca Engenharia was awarded in the 5th edition of the InovaInfra Award. Promoted by “O Empreiteiro” magazine, it recognizes engineering companies that implemented innovative solutions in their projects. The award event took place in São Paulo, on April 9th, and was attended by Director of Engineering and Operations Gustavo Maschietto, Budget and Tender Manager Paula Carvalho and Trainee Millena de Paula, representing the construction team.

We were awarded for the project “Innovation in Slab Concreting in Port Construction Projects,” as part of Port of Rio’s expansion project. As opposed to what is normally developed in all engineering projects in Brazil, the use of a steel formwork for onsite concreting is a disruptive solution that will leave a legacy for our next projects. This project is important for the city’s economy and development, which will increase the pier area by nearly 6,000 m², improving the capacity to receive ships and streamlining container handling operations for the import and export of goods and materials.

Before the awards ceremony, the event featured a program of lectures on some award-winning projects and Carioca Engenharia was one of the guests. Regarding the winning case, Gustavo Maschietto said: “The recognition of an audacious innovation project arose from the need to approach the superstructure of port construction differently than using pre-cast concrete elements, as there was no construction site to fabricate them and shipping costs would be very high.(…) At first, it may seem like an engineering setback to replace precast with onsite concrete in the superstructure of a maritime project, however this proved to be significantly more cost-effective and speedier, as it did not require the burdensome shipping fleet and cargo that precast requires in addition to a much larger construction site. Finally, we raised the lower level of the pier by nearly one meter, moving it away from the tidal splash zone, increasing the durability of the structure.”

Carioca Engenharia’ successful endeavor resulted from the commitment and expertise of our dedicated team. We celebrate this achievement as a collective triumph in our ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation.