Dec 04, 2023

Carioca Engenharia is a member of the Nova Ponte Building Consortium. Along with OEC and GEL (Goetze Lobato Engenharia), the construction of the Guaratuba-Matinhos Bridge in Paraná is yet another project that will encourage the development of a region through major infrastructure interventions. The construction promises to improve the population’s access to this important tourist route.

Since the 1960s, the crossing between the two cities has been done by river, by ferryboat or barge. Especially in the summer, the average traffic is 10,000 vehicles and people who frequent the place have to wait up to four hours to get to the other side.

Construction of the Guaratuba-Matinhos Bridge and its access roads has been in progress since October 27th. This includes the setup of an industrial and administrative site next to the ferryboat, close to the Guaratuba bank. Once completed, the 1,244 meter cable-stayed bridge will change the landscape and the lives of people passing by.

Our contract manager Carlos Eduardo Campello de Medeiros talks a little about the project. “Construction of the Guaratuba Bridge will be a major milestone, in several ways, for the local population and Paraná as a whole, be it in the redesign of the entire infrastructure of the region, or in the socio-economic progress and development that this important connection will bring. When the Bridge is completed, it will be an iconic postcard that will further enhance the natural beauty of Guaratuba Bay.”

The main highlights of this project are the technology we are applying, which will lead to a shorter execution time and environmental care throughout the execution and design of the bridge.

Click HERE to see the detailed video of the electronic model of the Bridge.


*Credits to DER-PR for the news cover image