Jul 09, 2020

Always prioritizing the safety of our employees, we have taken protective actions against Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of our team members are working from home, but construction work by the Mananciais Building Consortium, managed by Carioca Engenharia in São Paulo, has not stopped. Below are the actions we have taken:

– We have promptly assigned at-risk employees to remote work.

– Daily monitoring of the health of all employees. Anyone with a fever or presenting any Covid-19 symptoms is sent home.

– 70% alcohol-based sanitizer is available at all construction sites.

– Early influenza vaccination.

– We have enhanced the campaign against Covid-19 by posting it at construction sites and work areas, offering workshops about the pandemic and lectures on hygiene.

– Work shifts for lunch times to reduce crowding, and having people sitting a safe distance from each other.

– Mandatory hand cleaning before entering the dining halls.

– Food in the dining hall is now handled and served exclusively by an assigned employee.