Jun 05, 2020

Today is Environment Day. In order to build a sustainable future for our planet, we need to take effective actions and establish how everyone can support this very same purpose. Check out our actions for the environment.


Our Quality, Occupational Safety, Environment and Occupational Health team carries out activities at the headquarters and shares some directions to make sure our construction projects will comply with the regulations and follow non-waste practices.

QHSE at the Headquarters:

– Raising awareness of the conscious use of natural resources, water, electricity and paper.

– Waste recycling, transport and disposal.

– Firefighters trained to use environmental mitigation kits to retain any generator oil leaks.

QHSE in the Mananciais Consortium construction:

– Waste recycling

– Chemicals station

– Recycling station

– Chemicals retention basin

– Mitigation kit to retain any potential chemical leaks

– River spring protection

HSEQ procedures:

– Final waste disposal control

– Processing environmental permits

– Legal mining activities


In 2009, all warehouses of our Equipment Division received a rainwater catchment system. The Equipment Division uses a lot of water to wash earth-moving equipment, motor graders, cranes, and other machinery, as well as medium and large vehicles. Those are washed almost every day, which takes a lot of water. That’s why we built a filtering system to guarantee quality, and two 150,000-liter cisterns and four 10,000-liter water tanks, resulting in 340,000 liters of storage. Reusing water resulted in significant savings — the water bill decreased by 90%. But the biggest impact was knowing that we are using a natural resource responsibly.


For the Environment Day, our corporate communication team prepared educational material for the employees. It includes documentaries for those who want to go deeper into the subject and tips for everyone to do their share at home, especially in these pandemic times, with ideas on how to avoid waste or how to make the most of sunlight, for example.

This is how we take care of the Environment at Carioca Engenharia.