Aug 30, 2023

Building the future – of the company, our employees, society, people and the engineering industry. It was based on this purpose, defined after a deep dive into the culture, vision, values and mission of Carioca Engenharia, that Redondo Estratégia + Design set out to develop our new brand, which we’ve launched today. After initial research involving employees, former employees, partners and opinion makers, it was established that the name that gave rise to the company 76 years ago — Carioca Engenharia — would be preserved in this new phase and would appear alone, deleting “Christiani-Nielsen,” incorporated in the late 80s after the acquisition of the Danish building firm.

“This launch marks a milestone of hard work and adversities overcome, in which we remain firm, more resilient than ever, once again bearing our very name. We are Carioca Engenharia and the process that led to the new brand further cemented this. Our values continue and we add to them innovation and this look to the future,” highlighted the General Director of Carioca, Daniel Rizzotti.

After the early definitions of the company’s purpose and new name, the challenge was to transform these strategic discoveries into a design solution that respected the brand’s history while reimagining its future. “It took around six months of immersion into the world of Carioca Engenharia, including research and interviews that led to remarkable insights. We were surprised to realize how solid and internally aligned the brand essence already was. However, we needed to transform and materialize all this knowledge,” explains Jaqueline Fernandes, partner and creative director at Redondo.

The result was the creation of a symbol that includes the brand’s original colors, cementing its history of nearly eight decades, and that incorporates shapes that expand into upward movements, thus strengthening Carioca Engenharia’s concept of renewal and continuous growth. These shapes, like bands, converge and unite in the same direction, mirroring the consistent movement of our team.


Tradition aligned with renewal

Redondo employed a modern and striking typography, designed to harmonize with the new symbol, with a visual language with graphic elements that bring freshness, modernity, dynamism, strength and ownership to the brand, underpinning its commitment to permanent renewal while preserving its name and values.

Management Support Director Fábio Meirelles believes that the new brand represents youthfulness. “We are a traditional company that honors our traditions and history, but we are always looking for innovation. This change represents this and emphasizes that our values are aligned with our Institutional Identity.”

Engineering Director Gustavo Maschietto says that it conveys an important message. “Our history of large projects in the country highlights our tradition and the new brand brings the idea of seamlessness, be it in the quality of our projects and in the way Carioca conducts its construction projects and transforms society and the future of the country.