Aug 21, 2020

Carioca Engenharia’s Integrity Program remains active even in times of remote work, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Corporate Governance and Compliance Team is working on implementing and following the 2020 Action Plan, which includes many tasks.

The department is reviewing and updating Compliance Policies and Procedures to further improve and strengthen the Integrity Program. Furthermore, our Ethics Committee continues to meet to discuss and decide on relevant compliance issues and to monitor compliance with the Annual Action Plan. At the last meeting, our Work-From-Home Policy and Guidelines were created to guide and support our employees in this challenging period and in the new routine.

Last month, we launched our Integrity Program Assessment Survey. This annual action aims to find out how aware our teams are of the Carioca Integrity Program and its pillars. Carrying out the survey is very important to measure the effectiveness of the Program and the topics that should be developed in the next training sessions.

The Integrity Program Communication and Training Plan, developed annually, is maintained. We held the first training sessions of the year in February, with the theme “Guidelines for Engaging Third Parties, Forming Associations and Informal Partnerships.” In March, all headquarters employees attended a Workshop on Workplace and Sexual Harassment, given by lawyers José Guilherme Berman, a business partner in Infrastructure, Regulation and Government Affairs, Compliance, Investigations and Sanctioning Law at BMA, and Luiz Marcelo Góis, a business partner in Labor at BMA.

In April and May, the Corporate Governance and Compliance, Information Technology, QHSE and Legal teams met with Neida Freitas Abud, a specialist in the management of Engineering, Risk Analysis, Control and Audit contracts in leading construction/engineering companies. The training topics included contracts, supplier management, bidding, procurement, informal partnerships, administrative routines, legal responsibilities and information security.

In 2020, we ran an Internal Communication Campaign on relevant Compliance and QHSE topics. The campaign is still taking place to support personnel during the pandemic. The Integrity Program is also strongly present in the company’s LinkedIn page posts sharing the Corporate Governance and Compliance activities to strengthen the Integrity Program importance for Carioca.

Our hotline is operating normally to receive complaints and suggestions via the telephone number 0800 3891220 (from 8am to 8pm) and on the website

Carioca Engenharia is always seeking the continuous improvement of its processes and management.