Apr 22, 2021

The Movement for the Integrity of Engineering and Construction (Misec), which seeks transformation with good compliance practices, has Carioca as one of its supporters. Born in 2019 from the mobilization of many companies, Misec is supported by the Global Compact Network Brazil, the United Nations, and Instituto Ethos. It provides capacity-building to smaller companies by sharing compliance principles with the supply chain. This results in commercial relationships based on integrity, anti-corruption and antitrust practices.

Legal and Compliance Manager at Carioca Engenharia, Tatiane Amaral talks about Misec.

How did it come about, and how long has Carioca been in this movement?

Misec has been operating for just over a year and a half. It is the result of a collective effort by construction companies and organizations, and Carioca Engenharia is one of its founding companies.

Who are the Misec members?

Major construction companies, trade associations, such as the Heavy Construction and Infrastructure Association of Brazil (Sinicon), and an executive department that is run by the Global Compact Network Brazil, the United Nations, and Instituto Ethos.

How does Misec operate?

Large companies have a Compliance and Governance department. The purpose is to reach out to individuals and smaller companies that cannot see any chances of including compliance practices in their business. This value chain is then made aware that they can also adopt good business practices. The Misec movement is designed to be a replicator; to promote and somehow disseminate compliance principles to our value chain, including suppliers and contractors, by encouraging the industry to establish an ethical environment, with integrity. By doing this, you encourage antitrust practices.

And how do we raise the awareness of this value chain?

It is a painstaking job. Those companies that have a compliance program in place, like Carioca, can discuss it better. The people who participate in Misec meet up, make joint efforts, donate a little of their time to carry out activities, campaigns, tutorials, videos, texts and even write the movement’s website. Many hands are together in this. Each of them helped to strengthen this movement and spread it out to the industry. The biggest expectation is to reach out to business partners that are still away from this movement. The main purpose is to get closer to these concepts and values, using these materials, and show that running a competitive and prosperous business takes sustainable growth, and for that, you have to follow the best compliance practices, regardless of the company size.

How have you been feeling this transformation in practice?

In addition to the feedback from those who have been in touch with the material, we are receiving requests from new companies to join. Being part of Misec means that your company follows the principles we believe in. This is great, as people start to cherish this type of movement and begin to understand how valuable this is for their business. It’s a seal of approval.

Those declaring that they follow compliance rules are making a great effort to ensure that their partners, who are in the company’s value chain, will implement these principles.

I think the hard work will bear fruit. There, companies are hand in hand. It is about joint work. It is about committing to society.

Would you like to know more about Misec, the Movement for the Integrity of Engineering and Construction? Visit the website